Monday, August 20, 2012

More from the last couple of days of my residency. Here is a photo of participating artist Alina Gavrielatos, who represented Greece/England, and happened to grow up in Canada. It has been amazing how many Canadian connections I've stumbled across.

Here is a photo of  Ceren Selmanpakoglu, who represented Turkey. She is standing in front of her installation.

Some installation shots and opening shots.

Before the opening I walked up to the castle to help Cyryl Zakrzewski (Poland) install his sculpture. The vista from the castle was wonderful.

The audience for my artist talk.

View from my space into the Anarchist Cookie Shope and outside to where Owen was providing the entertainment. He did an hour long set of originals and covers.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bunch of photos from finishing up work in Ptuj, in the home stretch now; opening tonight! Many thanks to everybody who's come in and helped or even just looked at the work in progress.

Anyway, we're cleaning up the studio now and there should be more pics tonight/tomorrow from the opening (again, you can go to the Art Stays facebook profile - link in the last blog post - and check for pictures from every opening of the week).

Thought the photo from the boxing club was interesting.
Shendra Stucki (Switzerland) working on her figurative wire sculptures with Alina Gavrielatos.
I don't know what the sign with the car signifies, but I liked it.
I tried to do a rubbing of the irregular coblestones in the square in front of the Ptuj Tower.

Posing in front of the view from the entrance to the Ptuj castle.

Owen putting in grommets on my work with Ceren Selmanpakoglu watching Anka Kolaric, who was helping me by sewing the edge of a canvas. Anka came by the studio often and even made her own stencil. She was very generous and gave me a couple of very interesting books on Ptuj.
Postcards pretty well finished.

The main Art Stays stage - minutes before Alina's artist talk. Alina is talking with the amazing Sanja Selinšek, who interviewed Alina during her talk. In the foreground are Ceren and Owen.